Honeymoon Tree House

Tree House Honeymoon Suite

This is a new construction Project on a Historic property. While this specific structure is new construction, we have endeavored to utilize design elements and features consistent with the historic character and flavor of the property. We are also responding to modern building code requirements and current marketing issues to enhance the economic viability of this venue. We have designed this structure with a view to utilizing the natural landscape and tree configuration with only minor alterations.

TreeHouse Design Narrative
• The TreeHouse is 4 levels unit which employs the existing grades and natural openings in the branches above. Dead limbs will be removed as well as Minimal trimming of live branches.
• Natural light and orientation to scenic views is a top priority.
• There are also tall windows facing the tree trunk itselk to help bring the sense of being a tree house.
• Rental unit is reached via a stairway at the front of the building.
• Type R Occupancy on Commercial Property.
• This unit includes a Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities as well as an open loft in the front living area and a “tower feature” adjacent to the park.
• The gross useable square footage is 1200 S. F. including the “tower”.
• The building design does not actually have to attach to the bole of the oak tree but we did in one place.
• The fenestration in the tower also acts as clerestory windows for the tree houses stairwell below, bringing natural light into this space.
• The roof features echo the style and materials of the rest of the property although more natural “woodsy” exterior finishing might add greater interest.
• There are 4 deck areas provided directly outside of the Kitchen, Front Entrance, Park and Tower.

• Boasts of 2 fireplaces one in the bedroom and main Living area.

• As everyones dream the treehouse has a secret room as well.


Designed by Cary Kimmel, owner of Koinonia Design.

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