Corn Crib Cottage Suite

This is an Adaptive Reuse Project on a Historic property. While this specific structure is not on the Register, we have endeavored to utilize design elements and features consistent with the historic character and flavor of the property. We are also responding to modern building code requirements and current marketing issues to enhance the economic viability of this venue. Where feasible we have retained the existing architectural fabric of the building.

Design Narrative
• Short term rental unit is on an existing Handicap Accessible route.
• Rental unit is reached via the existing Accessible ramp and deck on the south side of the building.
• Type R Occupancy on Commercial Property.
• This unit includes fully Accessible Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities.
• The Accessible Bedroom has a Queen Bed, sliding doors at the closet and an egress window.
• Due to limited opportunities for fenestration on the side walls, a Clerestory window feature is being added to the roof over the central area of the unit.
• Clerestory window feature takes the form and profile of a linear ventilator as found on some chicken coops. This resembles the feature on the existing Chicken Coop building directly behind the Historic Hope Glen Farm Residence.
• The roof over the entry matches the profile of the “dormer” roof entryways at the South Elevation for design continuity.
• A deck area is provided directly outside of the Living Room.


Designed by Cary Kimmel, owner of Koinonia Design.


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